Wednesday, October 22, 2008

MIT Teach-In

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology held a quasi-teach-in a couple weeks ago on the financial crisis and the proposed bailout. You can listen to the panel here:

What's also noticeable is MIT's reaction to the bailout and financial crisis. On their website covering the U.S. Financial Crisis, they write:
Government interventions to directly inject liquidity into the market may actually decrease market efficiency, according to research by MIT Sloan School of Management Professor Jiang Wang.
This raises an issue I brought up in one of the first posts on this blog that few probably read about what are the best ways to bring awareness to problems we face today. Teach-ins, demonstrations that seek to educate people about the problems and work towards a sound, rational solution, may be the best solution. Does anyone else know of any other teach-ins going on?

Thanks to David Boaz for pointing this out to me.

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