Saturday, October 25, 2008

Phila SFL Conference Update: Workshops and Activism

As we go into lunch here at the Philadelphia SFL Conference, there are many exciting things to go over.

From 10-11 three workshops were held. At the Training New Leadership workshop, we discussed what traits to identify in potential new leaders, suggestions for how to start transitioning potential leaders into leadership roles. The Student Recruitment session broke out into small groups with the best group receiving prizes from the Drexel Student Liberty Front. The How to Write a Strategic Action Plan workshop then helped student groups plan out the rest of their semester.

From 11-12, Pete Eyre, Crasher-in-Chief of Bureaucrash, spoke on "(A)ctivism for Liberty", with a strong focus on how to be a good messenger of liberty. Some important tips he gave:
  • Be Goal-Oriented
  • Know Potential Leverage Points
  • Get VIP Support (pictures of celebrities with your stuff)
  • Lower Transaction Costs (learn what others have done already)
  • If showing up is half the battle, following up is the other half
  • Be Positive
At the end of his talk, Pete gave away Bureaucrash shirts to people with the best activism stories from students. Stories ranged from carrying a pocket knife around just because one has the right to do so, to overhearing high school students talking about Ron Paul and the Fed in a coffee shop and subsequently bringing them to a college group meeting about liberty.

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