Sunday, October 26, 2008

Philadelphia SFL Conference A Success

I'm sorry for not continuing to blog what was going on at the Philadelphia SFL Conference yesterday. The long story short is that the conference was a tremendous success. After lunch, Dr. Nigel Ashford from the Institute for Humane Studies talked about Changing the World for Liberty, followed by a talk from Matt Brouillette of the Commonwealth Foundation (a libertarian state-based think tank in Pennsylvania) on why the Pennsylvania highways should be privatized.

A student panel consisting of Anne Skuza (President of the Penn Libertarian Association), Andrew Loewer (President of the Cornell Libertarians), Aaron Moyer (President of the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom), and Alex Weller (President of the Penn State College Libertarians), covered best practices of student groups, ranging from mistakes they have made to how to get publicity for your group on campus.

Following dinner, Dr. Tom Palmer of the Cato Institute gave the Keynote Address titled "The Rhetoric of Freedom". It was an insightful analysis of the role that persuasion plays in libertarian ideology as an alternative to violence, and how to effectively utilize rhetoric in debates.

Overally, I think everyone had a great time and know that I personally loved it. Best of luck to all the students who attended in implementing what you learned.

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