Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Russia Versus South Park

If you have not already heard, the Russian government and various interest groups have attacked South Park and a TV station that airs the show. reason gives a nice summary of what's going on here.

The response to this government censorship has been overwhelming. I particularly like the slogans that people have been using:

“Kenny lived, Kenny lives, Kenny will live!"
“For your freedom and ours”
"Today they came for Kenny, tomorrow they'll come for you"
“Let’s ban banning!”

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Namų Darkytoja said...

It looks like South Park characters could become symbols of liberty movement in Russia. The battle against ban on American cartoons, mostly on South Park, but concerning others, like The Simpsons and Family Guy, is encouraging common Russians to defend their rights. What is your opinion on this topic - will Russian powers ban the 'immoral' cartoon series, or South Park's crew will be able to spread its word all over Russia freely? Vote here -