Sunday, November 23, 2008

I have been in Venezuela since Friday afternoon to participate in the International Young Observers Program, organized by Nuevas Premisas. The program is bringing a little more than 20 students and young people to Caracas to observe the election and document irregularities. I brought a Flipcamera with me and have been recording as much of the trip as possible in the hopes of producing an amateur documentary. However, there are some clips that I am just going to post straight to YouTube.

The first clip came from just tonight. The election was held today and one of the things we have been doing is responding to reports of irregularities. I took this footage of the first few minutes we arrived a the largest polling center in Venezuela. The video is largely self-explanatory, but in short, Venezuelans were being excluded from witnessing the auditing of results. Just after we arrived, a group of people on motorcycles arrived to seemingly intimidate the people (who were largely supporters of the opposition).

Another International Observer from Yale University, Sam Yellen, has been blogging about the election regularly here:

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