Saturday, December 27, 2008

After a Full Investigation, I've Found Myself 100% Innocent

People often warn that one should never forget one's beginnings.  So, at this turn-of-the-year, I'm remembering my own: Chicago.  Of course it's Hope and Change, but it's also I've-done-nothing-wrong-and-you-can-believe-me-because-I-say-so-myself.  After everything with my dear Mr. Governor, the rest of the world has another glimpse into the world of Chicago politics, but it's just a glimpse.  People have forgotten Mr. Rezko and how Obama made a shady real estate transaction with the indicted, well-known mafioso, and now we trust his team to conduct their own investigation into their own misconduct.  It's no surprise that they found themselves innocent of wrong-doing, as reported in this article.

I'm not upset about a person or team finding himself/itself not guilty.  I'm upset because this is the same kind of leadership we grew tired of before.  They don't launch a proper investigation, but it's okay, because everyone already jumped on the anti-Blago bandwagon and the prObama magic carpet.  Students have been looking for accountable administration, and we're not finding it.  What kind of example is being set when the so-called arbiters of justice don't hold themselves accountable to the same standards as their opponents?  Not a democratic one.  The dodgy investigation is an embarrassment to us Illinoisans who actually value liberty and honesty.  

For more info on what's being done (or not done) to hold the politicians accountable in the Blago Bonanza, please visit the Illinois Policy Institute at

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Richard Tracy said...

I like the "magic carpet" metaphor.