Tuesday, December 30, 2008

Organizational Tip: What to do with Winter Break

Hopefully you've been enjoying your relaxing winter break by now. Even though this is a break from your regularly hectic schedule, it is a perfect opportunity to get caught up on much work and prepare your organization for the spring semester. Just because your organization is not meeting every week doesn't mean you can't get work done. Here are five suggestions for how to make your winter break a valuable experience:

1. Create a Strategic Action Plan. Now is the time to plan out what you are going to do next semester. A Strategic Action Plan should guide your semester by outlining your goals, activities, timeline, and responsibilities. Draft one now and garner support from the rest of your executive board to start implementing it as soon as you get back on campus.

2. Send invitations to speakers. To get high quality speakers to your campus this spring, you need to start inviting people now.

3. Create an Executive Board Handbook. Your executive board elections should have already occurred for the year (if you are going by a calendar year term) or are coming up (if you go by an academic year term). While you should be transferring knowledge of how to run the organization to next year's executive board in person as much as possible, writing down the lessons you have learned, best practices for the organization, and other pertinent information for the future executive board is a great way to ensure an easy transition of leadership.

4. Have an organizational trivia contest. Keep your members involved in the organization by coming up with 10 questions about your organization and emailing the list-serve with them. Announce a prize for the person who responds to you before school starts with the most correct answers. Not only does this get your members excited about the organization, but it helps to develop an institutional memory.

5. Encourage your group to apply for the Second Annual International SFL Conference! This conference is the premiere event of the year for students dedicated to liberty and you don't want to miss out! Registration fees double on January 1st, so apply now!

Happy Holidays!

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