Saturday, January 31, 2009

Ivy League Alliance for Liberty Constitution Ratified

Congratulations to the Ivy League Alliance for Liberty, which just ratified its Constitution moments ago. The alliance will post its Constitution soon. Founding member organizations:
  • Brown Students for Liberty
  • Columbia University Libertarians
  • College Libertarians of Cornell University
  • Harvard Libertarian Forum
  • University of Pennsylvania Libertarian Association
  • Princeton College Libertarians
The alliance will be primarily directed by an Executive Board, consisting of one representative from each university that is part of the alliance. The original Executive Board is:
  • Harry Mickalide (Brown University)
  • Jamie Maarten (Columbia University)
  • Nigel Watt (Cornell University)
  • David Robinson (Harvard University)
  • Anne Skuza (University of Pennsylvania)
  • Justin Alderis (Princeton University)
There are three officer positions on the Executive Board:
  • President: Nigel Watt
  • Vice President of Outreach: Anne Skuza
  • Vice President of Logistics and Finance: David Robinson
The Executive Board also elected John David Fernandez (Columbia University) to put together the ILAFL's founding publication.

The Executive Board's first action was to formally affiliate with Students For Liberty. We are proud to have helped organize, found, and affiliate with the ILAFL.

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