Monday, January 12, 2009

An Unlikely Controversy

Another one of President-elect Obama’s (expected) appointments is coming under criticism. No, not Attorney-General nominee Eric Holder. Not Commerce Secretary nominee Bill Richardson. Not even Rick Warren, who attracted outrage from the left when tapped to give the Benediction at Obama’s inauguration.

Who’s the source of this new controversy, then? None other than CNN resident doctor, Sanjay Gupta, who sources expect to be tapped as Surgeon-General for the Obama Administration. Rep. John Conyers (D-MI) is leading the crusade against Dr. Gupta, despite having no role in the confirmation hearing, which is presided over entirely by the Senate. According to The Hill:

Conyers also cited [in a Dear Colleague letter sent to Senators] a Jan. 6 blog item by Paul Krugman in The New York Times. Unlike Conyers, however, Krugman does not have a problem with Gupta’s qualifications.

Krugman pointed out that Gupta engaged in a televised argument with Moore in 2007 over his movie, “SiCKO.”

Conyers is friends with Moore, a Michigan native who is an ardent backer of the legislator’s universal healthcare bill. Moore’s film made the case for the U.S. to adopt a “single-payer” healthcare system like Canada’s.

So much for governing from the center. If agreeing with Michael Moore is a qualification for an Administration position for the Democrats, it looks like we're in more trouble than we thought.

Krugman’s blog attacking Gupta’s supposed intellectual dishonesty can be viewed here. The Economist, on the other hand, sees Gupta as a very attractive choice for America's top doctor. You can view the controversial exchange between Mr. Moore and Dr. Gupta online here.

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