Monday, January 26, 2009

You Scratch My Back...

Given the youth's excitement and participation in favor of Obama this election, one would hope that he would reciprocate and return the favor. FIRE released an open letter to President Obama asking him to make campus constitutional freedom an objective of his administration.

"Millions of American students are being taught that colleges have the power to censor and punish speech that the Bill of Rights protects," Greg Lukianoff, FIRE's president, said. "Failing to educate an entire generation about our constitutional ideals of liberty—and, still worse, actually teaching students that they have a duty to censor opinions with which they disagree—means that it will not be long before these illiberal attitudes result in severe consequences for our Republic."

What will be interesting to see is if conservative or libertarian protesters are mishandled by a liberal school administration during the next two or four years, what the Obama administration's reaction will be, if any.

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