Monday, February 9, 2009

Cornell Libertarians in the Daily Sun

This Wednesday, the Ivy League Alliance for Liberty will be holding its first formal event: an All-Ivy Teach-In On the Stimulus. Joining the ILAFL will be a variety of schools that agree with this cause. The purpose of these teach-ins is to educate people on what the stimulus means and the economics/philosophy behind the stimulus.

Andrew Loewer, President of the Cornell Libertarians published a letter to the editor in today's Cornell Daily Sun. Here is a brief excerpt:
We have all read about the programs of the New Deal in our history books and how they permanently changed the role of government in our society. Today we face a bill that even in inflation-adjusted dollars dwarfs those game-changing social programs.
If you would like to hold a teach-in on your campus as well, please email me at

It's also worth pointing out that Brendan McCauley, treasurer of the Cornell Libertarians, also had a letter to the editor published today. Not on the stimulus, Brendan takes issue with FDA regulations and includes this quote:
The principles of limited government are hardly in vogue these days, but please consider this: If a government can claim to control the maximum age its citizens are allowed to reach, is there any power that it does not have?... Of course, when the government interferes in medicine, it’s not just your money on the line. It’s your life.


Sloane Frost said...

I'm so proud of the Cornellians and atudents across the country for speaking out on this important issue!

osheezie said...

Excellent - this is not the first sign of an possible underground movement of libertarian / conservative thinking at Cornell. Please check out the growingly popular Cornell Insider blog, by the writers of the Cornell Review: