Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Harvard's Board of Overseers

As Anne Neal discussed at the ISFLC panel "Changing the Academy", university leadership needs to change and be held accountable in order for students to see more of their rights secured.  (The very fact that a university has "board of overseers" makes me think of Childhood's End.)  Apparently Harvard is having new elections for its board that pits student freedom against old ways, and The Boston Globe picked up on it with this article.  

FIRE has always advocated for individual rights in the academy, and I am willing to bet that every reader of this blog values those freedoms.  However, when university and college administrations squash things like freedom of the press or restrict speech to measly zones, we are all in trouble.  Institutions of higher education should allow us as students to grow intellectually, so here's to hoping that this election spurs the debate for freedom in academia.

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