Saturday, February 21, 2009

Panel 3: How to Change the Academy

Greg Lukianoff started off by mentioning that he recently received the Playboy Freedom of Expression award, but alas, no bunnies attended the ceremony. FIRE seeks to check abuses within the academy by challenging limits to free speech and free thought.

Anne Neal opened her talk by arguing that the only way to change the academy is through outside organizations like SFL, FIRE, and ACTA. The system is too ingrained. We need to have people from the outside challenge the things they don't like.

Jasmin Guenette spoke on IHS's program in developing academics dedicated to liberty. Their strategy is to build up the number of serious academics who support liberty to change academia. They also want to forge partnerships with others who support liberty and benefit academia.

Professor Daniel Klein first began studying why free market economics is not dominant. For the past 10 years, he has been studying culture and the way society works. What he has learned is that the prospect looks bleak in academia. But it is an important effort.

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