Saturday, February 21, 2009

Panel 4: Liberty and Politics

Jeff Frazee led off this panel with a call for unaffiliated lovers of liberty to get involved in politics, emphasizing that failing to be a part of the process leaves the system in the hands of those who are enemies to our ideals.

Dr. Jim Lark, professor at the University of Virginia and a member of the Libertarian Party National Committee, argued that although the goal is a freer society no matter the party that accomplishes it, the Libertarian Party allows one "to feel good about yourself in the morning."

Aaron Biterman, a member of the Republican Liberty Caucus, began by saying that there are Republicans that are also socially liberal and non-interventionists, and the Republican Party offers lots of potential for pro-liberty individuals.

Brooks Nelson, National Chairman of the Democratic Freedom Caucus finished the introductory speeches by arguing that the Democratic Party is premised on the principles of liberty and is an optimum forum.

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