Thursday, February 26, 2009

SFL Conference Covered by Atlas

The Atlas Economic Research Foundation, a friend of Students for Liberty, has a great post on their blog about the 2nd Annual International Students for Liberty Conference, held last weekend at George Washington University in Washington, DC:

Atlas’s Joseph Humire, who helped SFL organize part of the event, enjoyed meeting many of the international students and fielding questions that they had about the free market movement in their countries. After the conference, Joseph said, “Not only was it great to meet many of the international participants, it was also surprising to see how many American students viewed the free market movement as one that is truly international and transcends borders and boundaries. With our vast network, Atlas can play a great role in helping connect international and US students with free market movements around the world.” Atlas looks forward to participating in future Students For Liberty events and helping to facilitate connections between students and free market think tanks.

Atlas focuses on the promotion of economic liberty abroad, and is a great resource for foreign students or those interested in the economic climate internationally.

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