Saturday, February 21, 2009

SFL's Student Awards

Last night, SFL held its first annual SFL Student Awards Ceremony. Students do incredible things around the world. They start organizations, they organize movements, and they lead social change. It is important to highlight the work students are doing both to give credit where it is due and to let others know just how amazing student work can be, to provide inspiration for other students, and show the world that the future generation of leaders are ready to take up the cause of liberty.

Event of the Year: Ivy League Alliance for Liberty Constitutional Convention
Running an event takes tremendous amounts of work with little recognition. Planning takes an incredible amount of time and something always goes wrong. Holding a highly successful event is an accomplishment that every organizer should be proud of.

The Ivy League Alliance for Liberty first began as a discussion during the Philadelphia Students For Liberty Conference. Several participants recognized a need to connect their organizations together to promote collaboration and interaction. Rather than letting this become idle chatter, several students decided to make the alliance a reality. On January 31st, 2009, the Ivy League Alliance for Liberty Constitutional Convention was held at Columbia University. The convention's participating organizations and organizers deserve tremendous credit for putting together this event.

Student Group of the Year: University of Michigan College Libertarians
The Group of the Year award goes to a group that has shown an outstanding commitment to promoting the ideas of liberty and illustrated successes in developing as an organization. The best organization is not the one with the most members or the one that has held the most events, although this group has both. It is about having a strong membership of dedicated students and events that make an impact on the campus at large. The best groups seek to broaden their reach both on campus and beyond to other organizations. Ultimately, this award goes to the organization that we consider to be a model, an example of what a group should be that others can look toward for inspiration.

The University of Michigan College Libertarians have one of the largest and most impressive membership bases. Their students have interned at state and national think tanks, attended prestigious seminars, and even run for Mayor of Ann Arbor. Their events are some of the most unique and well attended ranging from bringing Jon Stossel to speak to holding a Gun Giveaway in support of the Second Amendment. Last, they were instrumental in holding what was perhaps the most successful SFL Regional Conference, the Midwest Students For Freedom Conference.

Student of the Year: Aaron Moyer (Drexel University)
This award goes to a student that has shown true passion for the cause of liberty and represents the drive that students possess to change the world. While there are many students doing incredible things, we want to recognize one student that has made a difference on campus and we believe will make a difference in the future.

This year's recipient has been a true leader in his community. On campus, he founded and served as the first president of the Drexel Student Liberty Front. He then helped organize the Philadelphia FOrum for Freedom, a coalition of pro-liberty student groups in the area, and stepped down from his position in the Student Liberty Front to lead the PFF. A testament to his sucess as a leader is how greatly the Drexel group has flourished thanks to his successful transfer of leadership. Now, he has begun his own nonprofit organization, the Freeman's Union, to provide grassroots education on liberty. We are proud to award the 2009 SFL Student of the Year award to Aaron Moyer from Drexel University.

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Pete Eyre said...

Congrats to Aaron. He's definitely a doer and communicates the ideas of individual freedom/responsibility in a positive, conversational way, which is perhaps the best tone for reaching those not-yet on-board. Keep up the great work buddy.