Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Stimulus Ad Articles

Yesterday, SFL and Cato on Campus published an ad challenging government intervention in the economy in 15 school papers around the U.S. The ad has already garnered attention on campuses, producing at least two articles from papers.

The Daily Pennsylvanian covered the ad here, with this analysis:
When telling the President wasn't enough, the sponsors of a petition on the economy sent a message to the future leaders of the country instead.
The Daily Collegian covered the ad here, highlighting the role of one of Penn State professor Richard Gordon who signed the statement challenging economic interventionism:
Since [retiring], Gordon has been paying close attention to the stimulus plan and said legislators pushing the bill through Congress haven't given enough opportunities for discussion. His main problem with the stimulus bill is that it isn't a stimulus at all -- it won't provide an immediate recovery, he said.

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