Friday, February 13, 2009

Two Tips for Today: Create a Logo and Use it

Since I missed my post yesterday because I was at KAP, I'm going to give two tips today. First, create a logo. Having a logo makes your organization more real and more easily recognizable. The logo should somehow represent liberty and connect it with your university. This way, you show school pride and people understand what your group is about. Here are some sample logos:

Penn Libertarian Association: Atlas holding up the Penn Shield is a reference to Ayn Rand, one of the organization's intellectual heroes

Drexel Student Liberty Front: A porcupine represents libertarianism as an animal that does not fight others, but is able to protect itself when attacked.

Temple Libertarians: The statue of liberty as an owl combines the common image of the statue of liberty, which stands for libertarianism, and the school's mascot, the owl

The second tip is that once you have a logo, you need to use it. All too often, groups come up with logos and let them fall by the wayside, just being a drain on time and energy. Logos have the potential to be incredibly valuable, though, as they brand your organization and make your message more well known. Put the logo on all letterhead for the organization. Add the logo to emails. Include the logo on surveymonkey's you create. Get people to love the logo.

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