Sunday, March 29, 2009

George Will You Marry Me?

Ok that's incredibly cheesy, I know, but it's not nearly as nauseating as our recent spending habits.  Most conversations now involve the economy, the "bailout", and how our taxes are being spent.  When governments that have already nationalized industries (i.e., Germany) are telling us to watch how much we're spending, you know something's amok.  Cue George Will, a masterful writer (in my humble opinion) and author of this piece from RCP today.

Commentators say Bastiat won a lot of success in his satirizing French policy, and this Goodness and Niceness Act of Will's seems like something the candlestickmakers would write.  Sometimes it helps to take a step back and see how some actions are just ridiculous under a different name that hasn't been a $770 billion check.

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