Wednesday, March 4, 2009

Job Markets Tightening for College Graduates

This shouldn't be news for readers of this blog, but with the economy contracting and unemployment on the rise, the job market is becoming increasingly-perilous for college graduates. According to an article published today in Time:

The companies surveyed in [the National Association for Colleges and Employers'] spring update are planning to hire 22% fewer grads from the Class of 2009 than they hired from the Class of 2008, a big letdown from the group's projections in October that hiring would hold steady. Some 44% of companies in the survey conducted last month said they plan to hire fewer new grads, and another 22% said they do not plan to hire at all this spring, more than double last year's figure.

Discouraging though this may be, the current recession provides a great opportunity to consider a career in the liberty movement. There are several great resources for liberty-minded individuals looking for a job, most notably the America's Future Foundation's Career Center and the LibertyGuide Job Bank. Both provide advice and tips for getting on a career track for liberty, as well as job postings from various organizations in the movement. Also, keep an eye out for an upcoming How-To Book from Students For Liberty on finding jobs or internships in the libertarian/conservative arena.

And to indulge in some brief shameless self-promotion, I'd also recommend you check out Students For Liberty's Jobs/Internship page, and consider applying for the position of Program Manager with SFL!

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