Monday, March 9, 2009

Shock Doctrine becomes Barack Doctrine

In Naomi Klein's book, "The Shock Doctrine," she claims that the Milton Friedman philosophy of free markets and limited government is always applied by right-wing leaders to radically shrink the state in times of crisis and desperation (as if). Ariana Huffington called it "brilliant," "powerful and prophetic."

As we have covered before, yet another Obama Administration official has come forward to say that we should use the current crisis to advance further state control of the economy. Hillary Clinton, while addressing the EU on Friday, stated that we should "never waste a good crisis," while implementing a "New Green Deal."

Perhaps a more realistic view would be Robert Higg's "Ratchet Effect" theory, which states that for every crisis, the government ratchets up its own power, only to recede slightly before the next opportunity to seize power.

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Sam said...

Or perhaps Will Self's "Quantity Theory of Insanity," which the Economist writes about in this week's "Lexington" column ( As the theory goes: "If one person becomes a bit saner, another will become that bit madder; if one group starts to act normally, another will start freaking out." Certainly seems applicable, lately.