Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Students for Liberty on Television!

As I posted last week, Students for Liberty participated in CPAC this past weekend, sharing a table with the Libertarian Party and finding a great number of libertarian student groups galvanized in their mission to promote liberty in the wake of the 2008 presidential campaign, in which both main parties offered candidates and platforms very discomfiting to proponents of freedom.

As the picture above shows, we had the opportunity to meet Ron Paul following a speech to a packed auditorium on Day 2 of the conference (Friday). As always, his speech was replete with common-sense economic wisdom and an unbendable adherence to the Constitution all too seldomly seen among politicians these days.

Only a few moments before Dr. Paul took the stage, Students for Liberty Executive Director Alexander McCobin participated in a panel entitled "Two-Minute Activist: Conservative Victories Across the Nation," in which he represented Students for Liberty and its mission to several hundred attendees at the conference.

Both Alexander McCobin and Dr. Paul can be seen on CSPAN's video coverage of CPAC here. The student panel begins at 1:34:50 (Alexander speaks first), and Ron Paul takes the stage at 3:11:15.


Sloane Frost said...

Great footage!

Richard said...

Nice work, Alexander! Didn't know you were an accomplished venison cook, haha.