Monday, March 9, 2009

Successes for Liberty in the Mother Country

Congratulations go out to our liberty-loving compatriots across the pond! As TheYoungConservative reports, activists at the University College of London have helped to overturn a ban on military recruitment on campus. Writes Edward Hallam, alumnus of the 2nd Annual International Students For Liberty Conference:

But most of all it’s a triumph for freedom in the Academy. Students are adults, they deserve to be treated as such. It isn’t for Unions to censor free speech, expression and opportunities on campus, just because they personally happen not to agree with them. Students have the absolute right to have the military on campus, and be involved with groups such as the OTC if they wish, just as the have the right to see and hear from anyone else. Freedom is indivisible, it doesn’t require permission or sanction, and it shall not be proscribed by Unions.

This victory at UCL has emboldened activists at other universities in the UK, as well. Late last week students at Kingston University moved to overturn a similar prohibition on their campus. Best of luck to our British allies in their fight for a free academy!

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