Wednesday, April 8, 2009

"Freedom and Its Enemies" Event at Drexel University


My name is Stacy Litz and I am going to be blogging for Students for Liberty involving the liberty movement in Philadelphia. I am a sophomore political science major at Drexel University and I am an active member of the Student Liberty Front. My resume can be found on my personal blog.

On Tuesday, April 7th, Drexel University's Student Liberty Front and the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom held the event "Freedom and Its Enemies," featuring two guest speakers -- Cato Institute's executive vice president David Boaz and 20/20's co-anchor John Stossel.

The event had a great turn out, with over 200 students from colleges in the area, along with members of the Philadelphia Libertarian Party, the Commonwealth Foundation, and other freedom related meet up groups in the area. Tables lined the walls with representative organizations from the pro-liberty movement where students could learn more about opportunities to promote liberty: Students For Liberty, Cato on Campus, the Commonwealth Foundation, and Bureaucrash,.

In the introduction, Aaron Moyer, member of both S.L.F. and P.F.F., explained the definition of freedom compared to that of other countries, past leaders, and even the current United States president, Barack Obama.

David Boaz spoke first, giving a power point presentation depicting much of the news in the media to show the current lack of freedom in our country, especially targeting the current economic crisis and the recently passed stimulus bill using graphs to illustrate the increase in Federal Reserve spending. Boaz spoke very thoroughly and even those who were not part of the freedom movement were able to grasp his hard hitting facts, quotes and statistics.

John Stossel began with his classic "give me a break" act -- listing one "common sense" statement after another to explain why too much government is detrimental to our country. Bringing in a power point, he showed the audience a beach house the he built near the water, which that we (as taxpayers) ended up paying for when the whole house got destroyed – all due to his purchase of inexpensive, “government funded” flood insurance. Closing, he played a clip from his latest 20/20 special, “Bailouts and Bull,” illustrating that you canmake it” in America beginning with nothing.

The speeches were followed by Q & A, including questions that involved the decline of newspapers, healthcare, poverty, and history. David Boaz held a book signing for his newest book, The Politics of Freedom.

As a student from Drexel, I can give my biased opinion that it was a terrific event. Seeing every member of the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom attend (Drexel Student Liberty Front, Penn Libertarian Association, and the Temple Libertarians) was an uplifting experience. While the speeches focused on the threats to liberty today, it's hard to leave an event like this one without thinking that the future of liberty is a bright one.


Sloane Frost said...

I'm so glad that the event went well! You guys all put in a lot of effort.

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