Wednesday, April 29, 2009

My Birthday Wish: Support Liberty!

So my birthday is coming up in a couple of days. This Friday, May 1st, I'll be turning 23, which is sort of a depressing number, but as good of an excuse to call upon everyone to support Students For Liberty. After all, what's a better present than "A Free Academy, A Free Society"? I've set up a Facebook Birthday Cause that you can donate on to show everyone your support:

I didn't expect people to spend money for my birthday, but you all know me: I eat, sleep, and breathe liberty. And you know how much I care about Students For Liberty. Students For Liberty takes so much priority in my life actually that I'm spending the night before my birthday at a fundraising dinner in New Jersey to help build Students For Liberty! So if my birthday gives you the excuse to donate to Students For Liberty and invest in a free future, then I'll take it!

If you have thought about giving to Students For Liberty before, but were unsure, this is your excuse. All I'm asking is that you give $10... a pizza for you, but the shipment of 5 pro-liberty books to a campus group or registration to a pro-liberty conference for someone who may be the next Milton Friedman, Ed Crane, or Ayn Rand.

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