Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Ron Paul on Campus!

Young Americans for Liberty at Wake Forest University successfully planned and hosted Dr. Ron Paul at their campus on, ironically enough, April 20th 2009. Without a shadow of doubt, the event was a tremendous success with over 1,300 in attendance and news media coverage galore.

Check out the YAL behind the scenes coverage of the event below if you want to learn a little more on how to host an event of this magnitude; it's not easy work, but with a little forward planning, it can be done with a huge impact!

If you want to watch the entire event online, you can do so here.

Nevertheless, this event embodies what students can do in the liberty movement. The Wake chapter of YAL was only officially chartered a couple months back and in this short time Wake YAL was able to host the biggest event at their campus this year. Sitting around and talking amongst ourselves is never enough; let's keep on pushing forward in getting out the message of liberty to anyone and everyone. We owe it to our philosophy to outreach and we really can't blame anyone for not being libertarian if they've never looked into it! So, if nothing else, I hope this event will further motivate you to become further engaged on your campus to spread the philosophy of liberty.

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