Friday, May 15, 2009

Journal of Liberty and Society Published

I am proud to announce that the first edition of the Journal of Liberty and Society has just been released! The journal features 7 of the best undergraduate papers on the topic of liberty out there. The purpose of this journal is to encourage academic work surrounding the topic of liberty and its role in society for undergraduates everywhere.

Special congratulations also goes out to the winners of the Prometheus Institute Prizes! The 2009 Top Papers in the Journal of Liberty and Society will each receive $350. The honorable mention will receive $100, and all three winners are invited to join the Prometheus Institute staff for the Fall semester.


Those Capitalist Demons! Anti-Market Bias in Buffy The Vampire Slayer
Heidi C. Lange, Hillsdale College
For its creative application of popular culture themes to political ideals, Heidi Lange’s paper on the literal demonization of capitalism in Buffy the Vampire Slayer receives top honors.

Unlikely Parallels: Libertarianism and Identity Politics
Francis Boyle, Temple University
For its powerful synthesis of seemingly disparate political ideologies, Francis Boyle’s article on the similarities between libertarianism and identity politics receives top honors.


Mill and Hayek: Liberty, Morality, and Socialism
Andrew Knauer, University of Southern California, Santa Barbara
For its recognition of the importance of evolutionary concepts to freedom, Andrew Knauer’s paper on the different interpretations of socialism by Mill and Hayek receives our honorable mention.

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