Thursday, May 28, 2009

Spring Liberty in Philadelphia!

Hello, fellow liberty lovers!

I apologize for not being able to update "the Liberty Bell," but there has been so much going on in Philadelphia that I hardly have any free time left! And I also apologize for a very long entry!

On April 15th, some Student Liberty Front members and myself went out to Rutgers University (New Brunswick, NJ) to see an event hosted by the Rutgers Libertarians.
They were hosting Republican candidate for governor, Steve Lonegan. Lonegan has been called a Reganite by many and promises to lower New Jersey's high taxes. He is socially very conservative, however, and it seemed like many of those who are liberty-minded were a bit discouraged by his stance on gay marriage.

On April 25th, I took part in the END THE FED rally in Philadelphia with the Student Liberty Front and some other fellow freedom fighters. Afterwards, the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom Conference took place at Temple University. Quite the action packed day!
We met at City Hall at 10:00AM and were rallying there until about 11:22AM. At that point, we all marched down Market Street, and turned onto 6th Street that led us to the Federal Reserve.
We protested for a bit, signed some petitions, and eventually moved inside of the National Constitution Center. Speakers included:

At 2, however, the Student Liberty Front members left to make it to the Philadelphia Forum for Freedom conference. There, we got to learn a bit more about the past events of the P.F.F., what’s to come, discussed the P.F.F. Constitution, embarked in philosophical conversation, played some Trivial Pursuit and socialized.

By May, I had already attended two spring ralleys (Tax Day and END THE FED), but they weren't over yet.
On May 2nd, I attended the NORML march on South Street, beginning at 4:20 (original) on South and Broad Streets, marching down South Street almost all the way to the Delaware. This was the fifth year in a row that this march has taken place, and at least some progress on ending the Drug War in America has taken place on May 13th,

The Equality Forum march and protest was on May 3rd, a rainy day like that of the Tea Party. The march was well organized and even had the Freedom Band of Philadelphia playing! We marched up to Independence Hall from around 5th and Market, rallied for a bit, and listened to many speakers. The main topics of discussion were “Don’t ask, don’t tell,” hate crimes, gay marriage and equality in the work place.

On May 12th, Student Liberty Front hosted Radley Balko at Drexel University. Balko is a former policy analyst with the Cato Institute, and now a senior editor for Reason magazine. He also is a biweekly columnist with He spoke on the drug war and police militarization in America.

Just this Monday, on Memorial Day, I attended a cookout at Warwick County Park with Pennsylvania's Campaign for Liberty in celebration of Liberty Rider's Michael Maresco. He is currently in the process of biking across the country, coast to coast, all for the cause of liberty. It was a great opportunity to meet him and congratulate him on his noble cause.

And tonight nearly concludes our Spring events at Drexel, and Student Liberty Front is hosting Rep. Sam Rohrer and Dr. Thomas DiLorenzo in The Destruction of American Federalism: A Silent Threat to American Liberty." Look forward to updates on the event, we're looking forward to a great turnout! / / 267-750-8407 for more information on Philadelphia events!

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