Monday, June 1, 2009

Day 1 of the Leadership Retreat Done

The first day of Students For Liberty's Leadership Retreat has come to a close. Starting on a high note at the Cato Institute, we spent the day focusing on what Students For Liberty stands for as an organization and how to run a successful nonprofit that will last into the future. Here are some pictures

Just look at this great group of people:

Once we started getting into the history and vision of Students For Liberty, Will Freeland (Midwest Director) jumped in to press the importance of Students For Liberty in advancing a free society:

Jared Fuller (Southern Director) makes a point about effective education through activism while Carlo Cordasco (European Director) intently listens:

It's not just work, though. Here's a pic of everyone laughing and having a good time:

Lastly, since I was not in the original picture, here is one of yours truly:

It's been a long day and so time to get some sleep. More updates coming tomorrow.

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